Well, I doubt it was my first drawing, but it is the oldest one that I still have in my possession.  The drawing, done on an unusual coated linen paper, is of the funeral of President John F. Kennedy.  My mother kept the drawing for years and about five years ago gave me a bag of memorabilia which included the drawing.

Funeral of President Kennedy - graphite on linen paper - 1963

I love the fact she kept it all these years and just this morning we were talking about another drawing I did  as a kindergartener ( a year before this one).  I remembered it was a circus ring with horses, but she thought is was of a skating rink.  Regardless, the teacher never returned  it and my mother still takes issue with that.  The image below is the notation she placed on the back side of the drawing.

My mother noted on the back of the drawing Dawn Rossbach Age 6, Thanksgiving 1963

So, there it is.  The beginning.

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