CD Box Set

Recently, I was looking through some of my photographs and somewhere in my house this particular work resides. I was in a master’s program for education and decided to take a graphic design class for an elective graduate credit.  I needed to complete an assignment for a CD cover/case, but since I was at a graduate level I had to ‘up the ante’ so to speak. Since it was a summer class, the assignment was needed to be completed for the next day.  I created this overnight and without a doubt it’s one of my favorite works to this day. The architectural part of the box design was inspired from what was called a Victorian Sewing Box and the panels were padded with material to hold needles and pins and the center box held thread. I’ve recently learned that the form might be better known in the folded paper world as a double iron cross or possibly a nested cross. In the case of my CD Box, the panels are a sturdy cardboard composite known as Davy board covered with papers. The imagery is from a charcoal drawing I did which is titled “The Naked Waiter.”

The restaurants listed on the top of the box are not the only ones I worked at, but are ones that I chose because they had the biggest impact on me in regards of the people I met or life changes associated with them.  Inside, the CD’s each have a playlist which instead of song tracks are little snippets of memories that happened at that particular restaurant.  The very inner core houses a single recipe which was probably my favorite at the time. I’m not really sure, it was probably 4 am when I chose that.

Part of the reason I am posting it is the connection to my current work, which are block prints that I call the recipe series.  I worked 25 years in the food service business and apparently that line of work stays in your blood for quite sometime.  I still miss the craziness of waiting tables, but I don’t miss it – if that makes sense. Regardless, the food and restaurant connection in my artwork is a strong one and an area I’ll continue to develop.