Several years ago, I started a creative recovery process through a book by Julia Cameron, titled the Artist’s Way. The basic premise is to uncover the road blocks of an individual’s creativity through a process of embracing a higher power and utilizing that energy to achieve artistic fulfillment.

The last time I read the book, I did not finish the process. Somewhere in week 7 or was is Week 8, you are to re-read the previous weeks morning pages; an exercise of writing 3 journal pages on a daily basis. Because I stretched my weekly activities over months, but was faithful to writing the morning pages, I had the daunting task of re-reading volumes and volumes of pages. It became rather painful because of the content that resided among those words. Briefly stated, a friend became a Judas and the betrayal was nearly unbearable and rather devastating to my self-confidence. Not so much artistically, but emotionally it brought me to a halt in life.

As a result, I never finished the book.

I am now starting anew and with a group of artist friends who no doubt will benefit greatly from the book just as I intend to. I am hoping to document some of that evolution of creative recovery here along with the observational changes in my work (if any) and….to see if I can develop a body of work for a solo show by next summer. I have a lot on my plate and this will be a huge undertaking, but it could be the hurdle to jump over into becoming the artist I need to be. I know the theme of the show and can picture the experience in my head, but need to develop the ideas under that umbrella of thought.

As an end note, I can recommend the book highly. Just remember to be open to the process and follow along. Even though I never finished, the changes that ensued during that process were rather amazing.