The above image titled, “Who’s Holding the Strings” puts things back into perspective for me.  Painted in 2009, this represented a chaotic time in my life where I felt betrayed, manipulated and out of control.  Not that I’m in any more control, but I was able to take the symbolic scissors and cut the cord to allow some sense of freedom.  Tornadoes keep coming into my work as well when I feel out of control or overwhelmed.  I just posted a response on facebook and realized that I have too many irons in the fire again.

In addition to that, I’m trying to control the process of etching using non-toxic processes and find I am not getting the results I want.  A couple more works with tornadoes.  “Blow Me Out of the Chaos…please,” which is a collage of prints and an untitled monoprint.Blow Me  OUt Chaos



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  1. So great to hear and see the connections of your past and present work. The color combo of your painting is so powerful. AND love the juxtaposition and content of the 3 prints together–the top right print of the three has me totally mesmerized. Look forward to seeing the prints in person!

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