Having just finished a portfolio print, I’m now on to creating two more.  The first one will be for this project and I’ll be printing this afternoon.  The second one is in the incubation stage as I was just invited to participate in that one.  Looking forward to again being a part of  a print portfolio exchange.

If you’re not familiar with printmaking in terms of the fine arts, here’s what some of the tools and equipment I’ll be working with today.

Half Pram Press

The press has a bed that is 6″ wide and about twice as long.  It’s a very small press in terms of printing presses and there are few and far between.  I believe I have one of the last ones made.  I’ve tested out several prints on it and so far so good.  The beauty of it is that is so portable, so maybe this summer, I’ll take it on the road with me.  Somewhere.

Resingrave Block

Additionally, I’ve taken up engraving and will post a photo later of the print.  Engraving is definitely an art form that takes patience and skill to master.  Out of let’s say 10 Levels of Mastery, I’m a .5.   Regardless, I’m enjoying the process. I’ve only done one before and love the overall look that can be created with the engraving tools.

Ready to Ink

I’m hoping to run the entire edition this morning yet.  Ink is ready, press is ready, paper is ready…time to print.