This is a story I wrote for an English Composition class in 1995.  The story is factual, with the exception of my “thought” interjections.  I have been looking for this written work well over a decade and probably close to 15 years.  Today, I found it stored among other important papers.   The essay was turned upside down and stored carefully away apparently waiting for just the right moment to be found.  As a preface, Helen is my grandmother.  Betty Lou, is my mother and never knew Helen as her mother.  Read the paper and then read my comments after the images.




I was extremely moved when I read the comments by the prof.  I just re-read The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins, less than three days ago.  My daughter and I attended her father’s funeral 2 weeks ago.  She never knew him.  Life beyond what we know it has some forces that are so strong.