Three months ago I started the 100 Day Project.  I decided to explore an idea that has been festering for well over 20 years based on John Mellancamp’s song Pink Houses.  I printed, sewed, painted, drew and played.  I used some of my starting points to use for demos for student projects I developed for an Experimental Drawing class for high school students.  Their projects are fabulous, mine are still in the “discovery” phase.  (Maybe I should impose hard deadlines?)

Regardless, I know that I want to explore the theme more and play with the marks I’ve been using for years and years which I deem as a controlled scribble.  Sometimes it takes a long time to recognize and embrace what we thought to be useless.  In addition to the scribble, the tornado has once again resurfaced and it’s time to embrace that.  As a metaphor for chaos, it appears when I am confused and at a crossroads or lacking direction in personal matters.  The pink houses (for you and me) reflect so much of the struggles people currently experience just with day to day living. Simple and small, the houses are what’s left of the American Dream that has all but vanished for so many.

The photos below are the closest to a finished product, but I know where I am headed now.  Lucky for me, I have plenty of art supplies on hand to make a series of drawings that I will create soon.