Moving forward

The 100 Day project is now over and I feel accomplished in that I was able to complete what I did during that time.  While I basically explored during this project, I managed to make 2 Coptic bound books, create about 20 plexiglass plates and started another box based on the Victorian sewing box.  I also worked on several versions of the Spirit tree.  That tree may never be exhausted or purged as I thought it might.


The project led me to create images I am quite pleased with even in the initial trial stages of printing them.  My years of working in restaurants and kitchens along with my newest journey of cooking using ingredients that are part of my weight loss journey are The images are test prints that I pulled as part of the beginning of the “kitcsch”en prints.  I may run some as a group and Louann came up with a great name for those, “Rebus Recipes.”


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