Ode to the Blueberry Pie

My latest print, Blueberry Pie is a multi-block and reduction print.  Two of the blocks were reduced to create an additional color (five total) and therefore the edition is limited to 18.  Printed on Kitakata, a cream-colored Japanese paper, the image size measures 8 x 5″.  This print is now available for purchase.

As many of my followers know already, besides being an artist, teaching art, I’m also a foodie and have created several recipe prints.  This one, however, is the first colored print in that series.  The blueberry pie my mother would turn out from the blueberries we picked near Ely, MN can only be described as heavenly.  Served up warm from the oven, with a healthy dose of vanilla ice cream, it was worth the fight of bugs and fear of meeting a bear who would no doubt reap the benefits of a tossed bucket of berries.  The recipe called for a good dose of lemon juice adding to the tartness of the wild blueberries.

I now live in a town that translated from the Objiwe language means “blueberry” – Menahga, MN so it seemed only natural that the first colored print honor that little orb of blueness. The blueberries grow here as well, but the memories of picking 13 gallons, sorting them and making a pie, muffins, and pancakes reside with the days of my younger self.



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