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  • Polar Opposites

    In August of 2021, I was the featured artist at the gallery I co-own, following the other gallery artists, Jeremy Simonson (July) and Laura Grisamore (June). The body of work exhibited titled Polar Opposites consisted of two separate bodies of work created at the same time; Silent Screams and Abstract Landscapes. Both were direct results […]

  • Ode to the Blueberry Pie

    My latest print, Blueberry Pie is a multi-block and reduction print.  Two of the blocks were reduced to create an additional color (five total) and therefore the edition is limited to 18.  Printed on Kitakata, a cream-colored Japanese paper, the image size measures 8 x 5″.  This print is now available for purchase. As many […]

  • Moving forward

    The 100 Day project is now over and I feel accomplished in that I was able to complete what I did during that time.  While I basically explored during this project, I managed to make 2 Coptic bound books, create about 20 plexiglass plates and started another box based on the Victorian sewing box.  I also […]

  • Little Bitty Art Shop

    I’ve started a series of prints that I am calling “Kitsch-en” Prints.  The image size is 3 x 3 inches and will be printed on a variety of papers sized 5 x 5″.  I created several plates on plexiglass and will be running them through my etching press in the near future.  These will be […]

  • 100 Day Project – Completed Book and Stained Glass

    One of the four projects is completed.  Or you could add in that I created a pattern for a stained glass window of the Spirit Tree that my dad made.  The book is predominately finished, but I am tempted to add a few words.  They would be bold, handwritten using a Lyra graphite stick.  Photos […]

  • Progress

    I thought I would share a video of one part of the 100-Day project.  I have four projects that I am currently working on (in addition to several at school); this book, a collapsible artwork based on a Victorian Sewing Box, a painting, and a block print.  This will be a six signature Coptic bound […]

  • Phase 3

    I’m a little over a month in on the 100 Day project and through the course of generating more and more houses using materials on hand (including old print proofs, telephone books, and patterns)  One of the old print proofs was titled, “What’s behind Door #23?”  That’s when “#” stood for a number, not a […]

  • Phase 2 – 100 Day Project

          The pink houses have now taken on more variety and I’ve allowed other colors to join in the fun.  However, I’ve kept the palette limited but the additional colors have started generating enough ideas to create two projects.  One will be a hand bound book using a bookbinders board without any covering.  […]

  • 100 Days Again

    I have no clue why I signed up to do the 100 Day Project again.  I didn’t even think about it, I just did it.  I left a vague description of my project but basically, I said something about “pink houses” and “spirit trees.” I’ve been signed up for about 5 days and during that […]

  • Returning Pink Houses

    Apparently, my muse is telling me to continue with the Pink Houses.  They have returned, but I have been working with digital images because frankly, the house has been too cold to work with other materials in the studio area.  The temperatures have been sub-zero for a couple of weeks and my house until a couple […]