Spirit Trees

Recently, I invited Laura Grisamore into my art classroom as a guest speaker.  Laura is a photographer/photojournalist that does some incredible work.  She's vibrant, engaging, and sucks you into her infectious personality. During the course of her presentation, she showed a photograph of a tree that she called her "Spirit Tree." It is a tree that… Continue reading Spirit Trees



I’ve exhausted the idea of continuing the Pink Houses for now. I am sure it will return and I did create two acrylic paintings that are located at the Serendiptiy Gallery in Pequot Lakes, MN. Over the summer months, I explored that and then managed to cross off a bucket list item, which was to… Continue reading Studies

100 Day Project

Day 2 through 6 (and a couple thoughts)

Over the holiday, I traveled to my parents home which is located in the Chippewa National Forest of Minnesota. I only brought a small sketchbook knowing that I wouldn't have a great deal of time to do much more than a couple of doodles (see photos). While I was there and working with the Pink… Continue reading Day 2 through 6 (and a couple thoughts)