Returning Pink Houses

Apparently, my muse is telling me to continue with the Pink Houses.  They have returned, but I have been working with digital images because frankly, the house has been too cold to work with other materials in the studio area.  The temperatures have been sub-zero for a couple of weeks and my house until a couple of days ago, was probably in the low to mid 60’s.   So I thought I would play with them digitally.  I have also been using a iPad and digital sketch app to see if I can enhance those skills.  Challenging to say the least.  I find the biggest difference is not being able to use the tooth of a good drawing paper to “drag” the pencil or drawing material to slow down and have control over the marks.  The surface of the iPad being glass is so slick and smooth, that controlling the line is one that will take some time to learn.

I’ve never been much of a digital artist, even though I have worked with Photoshop for close to 20 years, it’s been more on the photo editing end, where I remove something from an image or enhance the image for publication.  Creating these collage-like images is fascinating, but I think I will research some effects and see where it will take me.

In terms of the Pink Houses, there’s a lot more to explore.  I have some pink pigs that may work well with this.  We’ll see.


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