100 Days Again

I have no clue why I signed up to do the 100 Day Project again.  I didn’t even think about it, I just did it.  I left a vague description of my project but basically, I said something about “pink houses” and “spirit trees.”

I’ve been signed up for about 5 days and during that time I’ve been looking at old artwork and toying with upcycling works that I’ve saved for some unknown reason.  While I have been playing, the idea of creating and the need to create kept rearing its ugly head.  Why the strong need to create art?  Why are the images I am exploring have such a strong hold on me that they have resurfaced and been so insistent for over 20 years?  What’s the point of it all? And what power do they have over me that I feel the need to connect the dots between them?

At the onset of this blog, I posted an artwork from when I was 6.  The funeral of President Kennedy.  I misplaced the work and have been searching for it for some time.  I finally attacked my flat files where after two days of carefully sifting through and sorting, I found it placed between two large drawings (probably for safekeeping!). I know that is one of the dots.

I also came across several drawings from my younger years (junior high, high school and my early 20’s) of trees.  The Spirit Tree I’ve currently adopted is another dot.

The pink houses have returned. Or should I say, I guess I am not finished with them?  Another dot.

Scribble mark making and tornadoes.  I’ve often thought the scribble mark making was a recent technique, but the contents of the flat files prove otherwise.  The tornadoes, I get.  Chaos.  Tons of chaos.  The spirit trees I figure are a calming presence to balance out the chaos and a bit of a guiding force for my art (along with my Fisher Price doll).  And the pink houses bring me full circle back to my first political piece that depicts the death of John F. Kennedy as the houses are symbolic of the people of America and the lost hope of the American Dream.

I have an in-progress piece of pink houses with a political pig (not pictured).  It’s a work in progress, but maybe it’s the map to connect the dots.

Part 2 and edited to add:  after writing this, I was listing to Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast Magic Lessons and I heard this, “I’m not going to leave you alone until you make me.”  I’m thinking that’s a sign.

The images below are some test prints using soft-cut blocks and Garmin Relief Inks.  I laser engraved the images to test out the machine and the material and then using my Iron Press Print Frog (the glass printing baren shown in the picture below) the results were fabulous.  I have to find a source for some additional colors so I can run an edition, but I am excited at the prospect of this possibility.  The good thing is that I am focusing in on creating and fulfilling my personal art addiction.  img_8025ba3f59f4-637f-4c94-bda8-8ca6ad567e1a80456ac9-c5bd-4605-a071-c56568578f9f

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